ARTWORKinternational, Inc. Artist Business Career Development Grant


ARTWORKinternational, Inc. Artist Business Career Development Grant of $12,000.

In May of 2009 ARTWORKinternational, Inc. celebrated its first decade in business. As the only company of our kind on the globe we are pleased to announce the inaugural ARTWORKinternational, Inc. Artist Business Career Development Grant. This full-spectrum career development grant is open to contemporary visual artist applicants worldwide. Visual artists of any background, working in any media, in any stage of their career are eligible to apply.

This grant was conceived of in light of the current economic situation. ARTWORKinternational, Inc.’s Artist Business Career Development Grant allows our company to offer full-spectrum services at no cost to the artist, for a complete year.

Our mission is to create a global presence for visual artists. Thereby realizing each artist’s ultimate career potential.

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The individual’s needs inform ARTWORKinternational, Inc.’s development strategy. The nature of services provided varies in accordance with the artist’s goals. A consultation will initiate a dialogue that establishes these specific objectives. The objectives will be refined and prioritized, whereby creating a one-year career trajectory. This trajectory specifically outlines strategies to advance the career of the artist. ARTWORKinternational, Inc. then executes those strategies on behalf of the artist, developing the client’s career to its fullest potential.

The selected artist will be awarded one full year of career development via ARTWORKinternational, Inc.’s comprehensive global services. Beginning on February 15th, 2012 the grant recipient will become a “career client” of ARTWORKinternational, Inc., benefiting from a wide range of services, including:

  • Full-spectrum career development
  • Extensive global opportunity research
  • Portfolio / presentation design and creation
  • Resume building
  • Consultations for arts organizations and individual artists
  • Placement with gallery, museum and non-profit venues
  • National and international competition entries
  • Funding research
  • Public Art proposals and facilitation
  • Grant Writing
  • National and international residency applications
  • Global publicity, press writing and press distribution
  • Advertising and marketing design / production
  • Promotional materials design / production
  • Art book design / publishing
  • Existing collector correspondence
  • Access to the ARTWORKinternational, Inc. mailing lists
  • Relationship facilitation for individual and corporate collections
  • Art documentation, photography consultation
  • Art pricing consultations
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Curatorial services

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Additional Benefits

The grantee will benefit from ARTWORKresearch. Each month ARTWORKresearch accomplishes 30-40 hours of research covering every facet of contemporary visual art, including:

  • International Opportunities
  • Exhibitions (museum, gallery, alternative, and non-profit)
  • Public Art Opportunities
  • Global Symposiums
  • Funding/Grants/Awards
  • Press/Media Opportunities
  • Web Presence/Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Registries
  • Residencies, International and National

As well, the grantee will benefit from ARTWORKpr. Offering customized email marketing for all art-related entities, including galleries, museums, publications, and individual artists.

  • NATIONAL Email Press Distribution – nationwide USA
  • 300,000 + sort-able contacts from over 60,000 national media outlets
  • Newspapers: daily and non-daily
  • Magazines: art, business, consumer, trade, and more...
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Send press kits, press releases, invitations and announcements via e-mail to targeted publications and venues, directed to the person most likely to publish your story
  • Contemporary Museum Mailing List – nationwide USA
  • Access a nationwide database of over 700 Contemporary Museums
  • Emails delivered directly to Director and/or Contemporary Curator

Additional Lists Include: national sculpture gardens, art consultants, art centers, university museums, etc.

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Award Announcement

The grantee will be announced (and then featured) on ARTWORKinternational, Inc.’s homepage throughout the granting period of 2012/2013. As well, the awarded artist will be announced through a global press campaign.

The artist will receive: career trajectory documents, quarterly meetings with Director of ARTWORKinternational, Inc., consultations and monthly updates regarding work completed on their behalf, facilitating the advancement of their art career.

ARTWORKinternational, Inc. Artist Business Career Development Grant is open to contemporary visual artist applicants worldwide. Visual artists of any background, working in any media, in any stage of their career are eligible to apply.

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Submission guidelines:

  • Deadline for receipt of submissions: January 15th, 2012
  • Selected artist announced via Feburary 1st, 2012
  • Selected artist career development services begin: February 15th, 2012
  • Deadline for receipt of selected artist’s materials: March 1st, 2012
  • Global press campaign announcing winner of Artist Business Career Development Grant: February 15th, 2012
  • Granting period concludes: February 15th, 2013

Submission fee: $35.00
*All applicants will receive one free month of ARTWORKresearch, which contains current global opportunities; this offsets the cost of applying.

Applications may be submitted via email or in hardcopy format.
10 images, works completed within the past 2 years. Three-dimensional works may include 3 angles each.

Image specifications, please size your images to the following dimensions:

  • Dimensions: Adjust to: 1920 pixels horizontal OR 1920 pixels vertical (whichever is larger)
  • File Format: Baseline JPG (do not use progressive JPG format)
  • Compression: Please save your image to be no more than 1.8 MB in file size. On average, your image will fall well below the maximum requirement of 1.8 MB.
  • File Name: JPG file names should include the correct file name extension, example: artistlastname_1.jpg

Image key, in Word or PDF format
A numbered image list (number corresponds with JPG file name extension)
include: the artist’s name and a brief description of each image stating its title,
date, medium, size, and location.

Video and sound files should be submitted on a DVD. Region 1 coding for legibility in USA, Canada and US Territories. Please include text (title, date and description) for each piece in hardcopy, Word or PDF format.

Letter of interest, no more than one page, single-spaced. Please address your specific need for, and/or interest in business career development. 12pt font, hardcopy, Word or PDF format.

Resume, accepted in Word, PDF, or hardcopy format. Resume should contain applicant’s full name and contact information (including email address to receive free research list).

Please do not send additional materials, as they will not be reviewed.

Please email submissions to:

Follow above guidelines. Then, attach one image per email document. Include all text documents in a separate email. Email subject line to read: (example based on 10 total emails) “1 of 10 / artist name” - “2 of 10 / artist name”, etc.

If you prefer to mail submissions, send to:
ARTWORKinternational, Inc.
Attention: ABCD Grant
1816 San Felipe Circle
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

For the return of hardcopy materials, please include an SASE with sufficient postage.

To apply for this grant, a submission fee of $35.00 is required. You can pay submission fee online using Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX. Additional payment options include cashier’s check, money order, or traveler’s cheque mailed to:

ARTWORKinternational, Inc.
Attention: ABCD Grant
1816 San Felipe Circle
Santa Fe, NM 87505

*Payments mailed to ARTWORKinternational, Inc. must be clearly labeled with applicant’s name. Payments should be made at the same time as entry. Make checks payable to ARTWORKinternational, Inc.

The applicant must agree to terms of service before their submission can be processed.

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Terms of Service

Grant total includes New Mexico state service tax 7.9375%, and all materials utilized on behalf of the grantee. The grant total of $12,000. will be applied toward one year of career development for the grantee, provided by ARTWORKinternational, Inc. The grant amount / career development services are not transferable or exchangeable. The grant prize may not be redeemed for financial compensation. Applicants agree that the sole and final judgment as to all matters concerning this grant and interpretation of grant delivery and submission rules are at the sole discretion of ARTWORKinternational, Inc., its owners, and its staff. Acceptance of grant constitutes permission to use grantee’s name, city, state, and artwork imagery for promotional purposes. ARTWORKinternational, Inc. reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to the grantee, at its discretion, throughout the granting period. ARTWORKinternational, Inc. makes no claims regarding measure of success during the grantee’s career. Current clients and employees of ARTWORKinternational, Inc. are ineligible to apply for this grant.

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Privacy statement

Privacy is important to us. ARTWORKinternational, Inc. will not sell or trade private information with any individual or company.

ARTWORKinternational, Inc.
Creating a global presence for visual artists.
The only company of its kind on the globe.

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